Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Sewing and Catching Up

I have to confess. I like Sunday Open Sew when there are only a few of us. Then I can actually sew.
Today was one of those Sundays.

I was able to sew two tops together
They are both only about 54 inches square. Not too big and not too small.
Just the right size for a lap quilt or a shop sample.

May I present.... Tower Bridge, a Villa Rosa pattern. This quilt utilizes 18 light ten inch squares and 18 dark ten inch squares to make the 36 half square triangle blocks which are set 6 by 6 in the quilt. 

Tower Bridge "A" and 

Tower Bridge "B"

Two tops webbed and rows sewed during today's Open Sew session.

These blocks had been completed and trimmed, and had sat waiting to be sewn into a quilt top for some time.
Originally bought as two kits, I had intended to sew them altogether into one bigger quilt top.
But somewhere along the way, I got sidetracked on these again, until today. 
Today the decision was made to forgo the large top and make two smaller tops.

I think they look pretty good.

Happy Sunday of Memorial Day weekend!

Louise, on the island, pleased with today's accomplishments