Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Monday at the Classroom

Just a short post to show student projects from Monday night's Open Sew.

Roxanne has worked on her "Starburst" quilt, a pattern she saw on a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial.

It will be a nice size to gift a lucky family member!

Marie participated in a table runner making workshop I held this past Saturday at the classroom.  

She finished her border on Monday and then sandwiched her Tablerunner.  
Her plan is to quilt this during one of our next Open Sew sessions.

Today was a lovely day (sorry, no pictures) with clear skies and temperatures hovering around seventy.

Tomorrow is forecasted to be slightly warmer.  We hold on to these pleasant days of October and tuck their memories away to be re-examined and remembered next year in January. Can you believe that in three months from today it will be January and I will be packing for the Post Holiday Quilter's Retreat?!

Puts a slightly different perspective on things doesn't it?!!!

Louise, from the island waxing "nostalgic" and enjoying the weather!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Of All Things September

The month is almost ending and the posts have been non-existent.  
This is an attempt to correct that!

Marie's "Bourbon Street Bricks Quilt" from Jelly Roll Jambalaya Quilts by Jeane Ann Wright.
The colors are lovely and don't really show in the picture.  Sorry about that Marie!


I finally finished these pieced hexies.  Originally I began this project at a weekend in North Carolina with Bonnie Hunter and Mickey Dupre, called Collaboration Celebration.

The pieced blocks are also finished (a long time ago!).  Now only the border remains.  The book and pattern seem to be out of print, so I will skip that information.  Maybe the ladies will find another publisher and release it, but for now, it is a collector's item!

Dottie's wall hanging is now complete! We used M'Liss Rae Hawley's book, "Fat Quarter Quilts, Fabric Choices, Easy Piecing and Quilting Ideas", and her "Embroidered Windows" quilt as inspiration for this attic windows type of quilt.

Finally, I attended a retreat last week and sewed a top a day.  The blocks have been completed over the past few months and have been sitting and waiting for the right time to be assembled into tops.
These two still need borders.

But these two are complete!

This is called "Fireworks" and comes from a book that I cannot find right now! How terrible of me!

This is called "Rainstick" and is from one of the Fons and Porter publications.

Both use jelly rolls.  

Now they go to the long arm quilter!

Well, tomorrow sees the end of September. The weather has turned colder these past few days, but Hurricane Matthew is in the Caribbean being fed by warm breezes.
Autumn has officially begun and the summer of 2016 has departed. Not to be melancholy, but time does fly if you don't watch it and appreciate it. I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow, the last day of September 2016, even if it is cool and rainy!  It will be a great time to quilt!

Louise, on the island, wondering where September 2016 went! 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ahhhh, Tablerunners!

I have been working on ideas for three hour workshops. Since most of my quilts tend to be rather large , it has been a struggle to think of projects that can be completed in a shorter class time frame. But, recently, it occurred to me - table runners! 

So off I went into the finished stash.

Here are the two projects that will be offered.

Charm pack squares table runner is on the right and the Seminole table runner is on the left.
The picture is of the two prior to bindings being attached and completed.

Below are the finished projects.

The original charm square table runner

A student's Seminole table runner on the design wall.

Check the workshops and lectures tab on the blog for more details. 
Contact me by email for more information and contracts.

Louise, on the island thinking about and planning workshops

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Classroom Happenings

Even though I have been out of commission, the students in the Open Sew at the classroom have been working hard.

Here are some pictures of what they have been up to recently.

Nancy's HAND PIECED grandmother's Flower Garden.  Designed by Nancy, she is now up to hand quilting this wonderful masterpiece.

Cindy is working on a Bruins quilt for her husband. Blocks are finished and she is sewing them into rows.  Maybe we will see the completed top next week.

Dottie has finished her nine attic window blocks and is now working on the setting and borders.
She hasn't decided on those fabrics yet.  I think she has to go shopping!

Marie has her center done on this stars and light houses quilt.  Borders are her next step.
This top is available as a quilt kit from Piecing with Poppers Quilting Center in West Greenwich, RI.

Lisa's table runner is almost complete.
From what I can see in the directions, it looks like she is ready to sandwich and quilt her creation.

I stopped in Monday night ready to sew up a storm.
Look what I got done between the talking and visiting!
It's tough when you have been away so long!

Okay, I got three blocks done and ten flying geese for another project that I forgot to take a picture of.

But it was still nice to visit and see everyone.

I think I am mended enough now to return to Open Sew.
More pictures will come in the future, since these girls really sew up a storm!

Louise, on the island, happy to be sewing and going to Open Sew again!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Changes... An Update WITHOUT PICTURES!

This post was originally written in August. I waited to post it so I could include pictures.  Well I am still waiting to include pictures! So before it goes completely out of date, here it is without pictures.  

****Please feel free to skip it if you are not a fan of long wordy blog posts!*****

There are some changes on the blog that I would like to bring to your attention.

First of all, the information for the January Quilter's Retreats is now available for you to see in the new tab at the top of the blog.

We will be back at the Hampton Inn for the fourth year for original participants hoping to have fun for a weekend in the dreary winter month of January.  Unfortunately, the original weekend is still full.  But, this year I will be taking a wait list for that weekend.  One never knows...

There are still a few openings in the other two weekends.  But as word has spread about the wonderful time we have had, those openings may soon be gone.  To secure your spot send me a deposit before September 30, 2016, but if you are a returning retreater, never fear! Your place is held until you tell me otherwise or the December final payment date goes by and we haven't received your payment.

But on to other changes....

I have put a new tab for Workshops and Lectures at the top of the blog.  Many of you have been part of the workshops that are outlined here.  Over the years, I have heard positive things and so I decided to put myself out there to share with other quilters. I have also adjusted lesson plans where necessary so that my workshops and lecture will reflect your wishes and quilting needs. Hopefully you will share your experiences with my workshops or lecture with your other quilting friends so that I may have the opportunity to share with them in the future!  You all know how I love to share my quilt stash with others!

And lastly for those who know about my surgery (and for those who don't, I am the proud owner of TWO new hips that really work!), my recovery is going well.  I still don't have the stamina I had pre-surgery, but as of this writing I am on day 38 post surgery and my physical therapist tells me I am doing great and to not be so impatient!  I am hoping recovery continues going so well and that I have the opportunity to see all of my quilting friends in the near future.

So much for changes, on the blog and in my life..

All is good!

Louise, on the island counting her blessings

Friday, August 5, 2016

Deck time!

Knitting on the deck watching the sun head towards the horizon.

Another knitting UFO needs to be finished!

It has been a lovely day. I am finally starting to feel human again. Walking around the house and on the deck without the crutches.

Day 24 after surgery and all is well!

Louise, on the deck feeling grateful!

Stuff I am Doing Today

That's all this post is... Just random stuff that I am doing.

One block for "Razzle Dazzle", another Bonnnie Hunter quilt that appeared in Quiltmaker magazine, I think the May/June 2016 issue, or maybe it was 2015?

"Breezy Batiks", a Moda free pattern using "Jersy Shore" by Island Batiks and a scroll background print from Quilting Treasures (I think, since it doesn't say on the selvedges).

Eighty flying geese for the next round on the medallion quilt found on page 91

In the book "Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts" by Pam and Nicky Lintott and using the "Color Daze" fabric line by Edyta Sitar ( and found in the shop, Piecing with Poppers Quilting Studio in West Greenwich, RI).

A basket full of strips to make the "Courthouse Steps" quilt (see pattern and video by Missouri Star Quilt Company for details).

And yes, on my sewing machine, but not shown here, are the pieces for the Ninigret Raffle quilt that I am working on for a self imposed deadline of Tuesday, August 9, 2016.  

I am feeling better as you can tell!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Louise, on the island almost back to her "normal" ADHD self!