Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and Ten Minute Blocks

Needing to start a new project that does not remind me of lost relatives, I have been trolling trough my stash of UFO's lately.  Yesterday I came across the Ten Minute Block pattern attached to a group of fabrics in brighter spring colors.  Since it was the day before Easter and the fabrics were all cut and ready to sew and bright colors, I began to sew the blocks.

 It really can take only ten minutes to make a block!

In the span of an hour, I had completed four blocks ( one each of the red, blue, green, and purple). 

Today one yellow block and one orange block were completed before church and three additional blue blocks earlier this afternoon.

More blocks will be completed later today after some errands and Easter have to's.

I am enjoying this simple, colorful block.  Maybe I will call the quilt "Easter 2014"

Hope your day is great!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seasons on the (front) Deck - 4-3-14


I walked out the front door this morning and saw that the crocuses were finally in bloom.

Could spring finally be here?

Who knows what Mother Nature still has in store for us, but seeing the crocuses in bloom this morning gives me hope!

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Charity Quilts

It is embarrassing for me to admit how long ago I took this quilt to finish as a contribution to my guild's charity quilt efforts.

It is not a big quilt, but it still sat in the "to do" pile for several years.  Recently I have renewed my efforts to finish things and this charity quilt was one which rose to the top of the "get it done!" list. 

Now I can finally call it done.

It will go with me to tonight's meeting and eventually off to someone who won't know how long it lived at my home in the UFO department. My apologies to the guild member who originally made the top and has been wondering where it went.  Maybe you will be at tonight's meeting to see it finally finished.

It feels good to have this one finally completed.

Here's to charity quilts and to getting things done.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More from the Quilter's Weekend Retreat

The motivation from the weekend continues.  I have been busy trimming the corner units I sewed over the weekend and finishing the nine patches that were begun months ago but worked on over the weekend.
Sixty finished and twenty left to trim!

Close to one hundred future nine patches stacked and ready to piece.

Some of the goodies found in our retreat bags, compliments of Folk Art Quilts located in Wakefield RI.

Goody bags lined up and ready to go to Retreaters!

Thanks to all for your friendship, humor and willingness to have fun as we traveled "all the way" to the Hampton Inn in Coventry, RI this past weekend.

Already looking forward to next year!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Projects and Progress

Here at the First Annual Quilters Weekend Retreat there has been much progress on projects.
Joan's  20 year old project wall hanging top is now together.  Yeah Joan! 

Chris and Lyn worked on their owl friends.  Lynn's still needs a mouth.

One of Judy's paper pieced trees.

Joyce's mug placemats were finished this weekend.

One of Carol's hexagons with equilateral triangles.  

Mary's string blocks are coming together!

Will Delores's ONLY unfinished project EVER finally be finished?
Looks like she still has a bit of work to go on it.

Just an example of some of the projects in progress here at the Quilter's Weekend Retreat.

How's your weekend going?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Packing for the Quilter's Weekend Retreat

Now that the paperwork is finished and the room is arranged for the start of the Quilter's Weekend Retreat, I am home packing projects, gift bags and other miscellaneous items.

As usual I am over packing! And I still haven't gotten to the clothes!

We begin at 9 AM tomorrow and I cannot wait!

Maybe I will post some our doings over the weekend.  I hope you will enjoy seeing the work of our group.

Until then, happy quilting!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

One Month Later... And My "New" Sewing Space

I have not posted for 32 days, a little over a month.  There are many family issues which have been and are continuing to be draining.  So much so that the moments to sew are few and far between.  I do have numerous opportunities to hand sew but rare opportunities for machine sewing.  I thought today with the few moments I have at home, that I would re-enter the blogging world and bring you up to date on the UFO progress!

In my "new sewing space", created to provide opportunity for found moments for sewing, there are the following...

2 more blocks for "Lazy Sunday" left to do.

Numerous blocks for "Easy Street #2" needing to be finished.

Many pieces of several steps to sew on "Celtic Solstice", but I am caught up with the cutting for each step 1 to 4.
Working on cutting Step 5 now.

Since this is predominantly where I have been able to sew in those found moments, I am pleased with the progress of each project.  Thank you to Bonnie Hunter for providing patterns that fit into this new "found moments for sewing" lifestyle I currently am experiencing!

Life will continue to be crazy in the weeks ahead.  But I can trust that I will continue to be handed short segments of time to spend in my new sewing space. Life can be trying sometimes, but it also can be good.

Happy New Year to All!