Monday, July 14, 2014

52 Finishes

While researching a pattern on the internet, I happened on the newsletter for Glad Creations Quilt Shop  in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It it was an article whose title I quickly read.  The article was called "Ready for a New Challenge? How about challenging yourself to " 52 Finishes" ?"  Hmmmm.... It struck a chord.

The article goes on to detail the possibilities for what constitutes a "finished" project.  But as the author points out you can, and are encouraged to, make your own rules as to what is going to be called "finished".  Hmmmm... Another chord struck.

If I counted cutting the fabrics for a specific quilt top as a finish, as well as counting a completed top as a finish or even (a really finished project!) a quilted and bound (with binding counting as a separate finish, of course) quilt, I could have fun with myself and my UFO stash.   Hmmmm.... The final chord has been struck!

I decided to just do it!

52 Finishes will appear as a separate tab on the blog.  Check back next week to see my progress.  My plan is to post weekly but since I am making the rules for my personal 52 Finishes challenge you may find more than one finish in a week.  Multiple finishes in a particular week will allow me to get ahead on my finishes for those weeks we all have where nothing gets done.

Remember my 52 Finishes Challenge, my rules.

I already have enough projects to take me through several years of a 52 Finishes challenge.  

 Like this pile of stuff

 And this pile. 

So I am not fretting that I am starting this in mid July.  I was never any good with New Year's resolutions anyway.

Will you join me in your own 52 Finishes challenge?

You can challenge yourself to include anything in your own challenge.  It does not have to be quilt related. I plan to include some of those knitting and sewing repair projects that have been languishing.

Remember, my 52 Finishes Challenge, my rules.

Check the tab on Friday and see what I accomplish this week!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Relaxing on the Deck

A quiet Tuesday afternoon finds me caught up on my work and at a midpoint with my sewing tasks.

have sewn four blocks of the guild's block of the month quilt for the next guild year.

I have sewn the last twelve scrappy bargello sets for the last twelve blocks.  I am making a total of 49 blocks.  I recently decided that the 36 block size would not be quite big enough for the bed I want the quilt to cover.

I have sewn four of the nine pieces on my Cactus Flower table runner's outer piece.

I needed to take a break. Besides which, the afternoon heat has gotten into the house and with very little breeze, it is tough to cool it off without the air conditioning being turned on and that is something I am trying to avoid as long as possible!

So here I sit and rest until the urge to sew again strikes. 

How are you spending this afternoon?  Hopefully on something fun and quilty related!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Playing on a Saturday

Playing on a Saturday at Joan's house making cubes using Karen Combs' " quilt of illusion" technique.
Three of my quilts friends decided we needed to make cubes and so we did!

Deloris made her cube first!

My cube was made beforehand. The medium and dark are not too different in contrast. But you get the idea.

Here is Mary's cube.

And of course, Angela completed hers.

Altogether now!

Three blocks ...

Four blocks from four quilts friends!

We had a wonderful time today!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workshop !

Having fun with Jackie Kunkel from Canton Village Quilt Works and a Judy Niemeyer paper piecing workshop sponsored by Ninigret Quilters.

Great way to spend a Wednesday!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lazy Sunday on the Design Bed on May First

Lazy Sunday on the Design Bed!

But the bigger question is where will we sleep tonight?

Lazy Sunday peeking out from underneath.

I put batting down to serve as a "design wall" of sorts when I began to lay out the blocks. I just forgot that I had enlarged the quilt by two rows!  So the panic to finish the two end rows before the middle and my usual webbing of a quilt top now begins!

Where will we sleep tonight???

Happy May Day everyone!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and Ten Minute Blocks

Needing to start a new project that does not remind me of lost relatives, I have been trolling trough my stash of UFO's lately.  Yesterday I came across the Ten Minute Block pattern attached to a group of fabrics in brighter spring colors.  Since it was the day before Easter and the fabrics were all cut and ready to sew and bright colors, I began to sew the blocks.

 It really can take only ten minutes to make a block!

In the span of an hour, I had completed four blocks ( one each of the red, blue, green, and purple). 

Today one yellow block and one orange block were completed before church and three additional blue blocks earlier this afternoon.

More blocks will be completed later today after some errands and Easter have to's.

I am enjoying this simple, colorful block.  Maybe I will call the quilt "Easter 2014"

Hope your day is great!