Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Next Quilt

It is wonderful to have a fabric stash! To some it may mean clutter, to others it means money spent... (...spent well, if you are a quilter). To me, it means all of the above, PLUS, the option of pulling fabric out and creating a palette for a new quilt when the desire, or a new pattern, emerges.

And emerge it did this morning.

After leafing through some new magazines the other day, I, of course, found about six new quilts I wanted to make. But practicing self control, I quickly placed a stickee on the appealing pattern pages and firmly closed the magazines.

Moving on to this morning...

I awoke with quilty plans zinging through my brain. But again, practicing self control, I decided to work on a mystery quilt I had pulled fabric for quite awhile ago, rather than begin something new. (And this is where the joys of a stash emerges again.)

Of course, one of the fabrics was not quite right in the light of today. So into the stash I went.

Eventually I emerged with the correct purple for the mystery quilt. But in the process I un-earthed (un-fabric-ed?) another lovely grouping which would work wonderfully with one of those stickeed patterns I mentioned earlier.

Now I have created wonderful plans for today's cutting session and hopefully two new quilts to be sewn someday in the future.

Here are today's fabrics ready to be cut. They play well together, don't they?

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1 - No Foolin'

Thought I should post what I have been doing today since it is April First. It has been a cutting day. Sitting at the sewing machine is not an option today.

Cutting 12 inch pieces by 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5 inches wide. The strips will be re-combined and sewed together to make a twelve inch block. I have decided that this quilt will be 36 blocks set 6 x 6. Should make a good sized quilt!

Here is a picture of the twelve inch long 1.5 inch wide strips - all 36 pairs. Now on to the other sizes.