Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making the Double 4 Patch Block

 I chose three fabrics to make this block according to the guild's directions for the September Block, the Double 4 Patch.  I used a fat quarter of blue and a fat quarter of green.  I used a half yard of red that I found in my stash.  (A caution about reds, always check for color fastness.  I always wash my red fabrics before I use them.)

Cut one 3.5 inch strip of red, blue and green.  I stacked my green and blue fat quarters together and cut the strip of these two fabrics at the same time.


Cut the 6.5 inch blue and green squares now since the fabrics are stacked together.

Cut a 6.5 inch strip.  Open the strip to a single layer and then cut the square.

Then I cut a 3.5 strip of red.

I then stacked the three fabric strips together and cut two 3.5 inch squares from the stacked fabrics.  


Since there were two layers of the red, I cut the four required squares as I cut two blue and two green squares.

Everything is now cut and you can lay out your square.

All pieces laid out and ready to sew.

Flip the right side piece of the 4 patch part of the block to the left side piece of the top row and do the same with the second row of the four patch.
Repeat the process with the second lower right 4 patch.

Bring stacked pieces to your sewing machine and feed the pairs in, one pair at a time sewing them together and not cutting the threads between the two pairs.  Repeat with the second 4 patch.  

Open and press.  (I finger pressed during this tutorial, but I would have gotten a sharper crease had I used an iron)
Match the two rows of the 4 patch together, lock seams together in the center and sew the 4 patch together.

Oh, the navy and yellow 4 patch is for another project and is a "leader and ender" that goes between my main sewing project so that I never have to clip threads between blocks, 4 patches or whatever I am sewing for the main project.  More on that in another post or visit Bonnie Hunter's blog at for more info on this procedure.

Getting ready to sew the block together

Match the 4 patch and the 6.5 inch square in each row, by flipping the square to the 4 patch in the top row and by flipping the 4 patch to the 6.5 inch square in the second row.  Sew the matched pairs together.

Match the two rows together and sew.  I used a pin so I could take the picture, but I rarely pin at this step.

Voila! A finished block! May I present the Double 4 Patch!

Thanks for visiting and reading through this tutorial.  Comment or e-mail me if you have any questions!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Night Show and Share

Last month we did "mile a minute" quilts when we met for our quilting night.
Tonight we did show and tell. 
Lisa, Cindy, Natalie and Mary brought their finished tops to show and share. Lisa did two tops but Mary took it to another level. Natalie has added borders.
Guess which one is Mary's (she's always the over-achiever in our group!)

Fun night!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Floating on the pond

Checking out the wild life. Love this heron in Snake's Cove.
(At least I think it is a heron!)

Can you see him hiding along the shore?

He is hiding there....

Or is it his friend?

A lovely day for a leisurely ride.

One of my finishes

This quilt sort of grew and grew to become a 90 inch by 90 inch quilt.  It is "Bricks and Stepping Stones" a pattern found on the Free Patterns tab on Bonnie Hunter's blog from Quiltville.  

I liked making it so much that I have now cut out two more.

One in blues

And another in purple and pinks.

They take no time at all to construct and work really well as a leader and ender project.

I am counting this as one if my 52 finishes.