Monday, April 6, 2020

An Ironing Monday

As many of you know, I thoroughly dislike ironing!

( yes, there is another word that would substitute very nicely for “thoroughly dislike” but as a former kindergarten teacher, I spent many years trying to keep that word out of the students’ vocabulary. Thus I hesitate to use it even today, especially in the written word!
However, I digress...)

So as I have been sewing lately, I just pile up what needs to be pressed on my ironing board and then move along to the next sewing item.

But eventually it catches up with you.  You can’t go on to the next step until you get one part pressed and trimmed.

So guess what needs to happen today?

That’s right! Pressing! And maybe a little bit of trimming this afternoon.

Wish me luck!

Louise, on the island, standing at the ironing board, staring at the units and blocks that need to be pressed.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Keeping Busy

It is not difficult for me to keep busy - whether it be recently or times in the past.

As a quilter, I have many projects to do!

Today I have been working on a precut Block of the Month that I found recently when I was rearranging for a new purchase.  I decided to try to put together one block a day.  It will keep me busy.

I also resurrected a number of tops that need to be quilted.

This one was sandwiched today and put on the Babylock Coronet.
I have a little bit done.  Now that I have a plan for the quilting it will proceed quickly.

"Birds on a Wire" by Michelle Renee Hiatt is ready to be assembled.

That will happen sometimes this week.

There are many more projects crying out to me!

Some just need a final border,

( yes, Eileen, that background was your challenge fabric!)

Some only need their binding,

And finally, some are waiting to be started.

These times can be stressful, or they can be viewed as time to work on projects.
You are the one who can choose.

Me? I choose projects!

Louise, in the studio at the moment working on projects!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

January 2020 Retreats

Retreats are the best thing ever!

You get to sew with friends, eat great food and see wonderful projects that will inspire you.

The past three retreats can be seen under the hashtag of #quiltersretreat2020 in Instagram.
all put together in one tidy space.

But if you are not an Instagram person, I will give you a view here of some of the projects that showed up at Retreat these past few weeks in January 2020.

Janice's Snowman made with a Creative Grids ruler.

Sharon's Storm at Sea made in a class with David Sirota

Gail's baby quilt made for a friends newborn

one of our gifts from the weekend

String blocks ready to be sewn into squares

Many more photos were taken of the beautiful projects that happened over the weekends.

Check out my Instagram feed to see what was posted.

In the Studio Classroom window...

Recently this piece made its presence known in the window of the Studio Classroom.

This little quilt is the pattern found in the 4 1/2 inch On Point Ruler package from Quiilt in a Day.

I used a charm pack of Tula Pink's "Tabby Road" fabric to make this quilt

The On-Point ruler make the "kite" shape that is found in many quilt blocks.

Why not stop in some day for a quick tutorial!

Enjoy your day!

Louise, on the island, catching up on things!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Retreats Foster Creativity

Recently I was reviewing some of the pictures from the November Quilters Retreat.  It is amazing what quilters get up to when they have the time, space and community in which to create!

Check out these pictures! Can you honestly tell me that your creative juices don't start flowing after viewing these pictures!

Berta's Scrappy Pinwheels

Berta's Hexagon Flower Quilt in progress!

Carol's T-Shirt Quilt

Janice's queen sized quilt using the "Milky Way" pattern from Quilt in A Day

Kate continues to work on her Stitch Sampler

Mary H's Mexican Star blocks using a Quilt in A Day pattern

Mary C's scrappy quilt - can you find the mouse? 
Hint - He's hiding on the lower right!

More hand stitching by Sharon

Mary C's scrappy Apple Core quilt

There were many more quilting activities going on during the retreat.  I was not able to capture them all!

So next time you find your creative juices lagging, either view pictures of others' creative works or find yourself a retreat to attend!

Hint, hint,  - check out the retreat tab on the blogs' front page.  We still have room in many of the weekends!

Louise, on the island, trying to get her creative juices flowing

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Labels, Labels, Labels and Quilt Hanging Sleeves

People often ask me why I don't put quilts into local quilt shows.


The short answer....

Labels and quilt hanging sleeves

Not my thing!

I love piecing quilt tops.

I love hand sewing quilt bindings.

I don't mind quilting quilt tops ( especially now with my Babylock Coronet)

Kites from Pennsylvania

But I do not like to do labels and hanging sleeves.

I have a self imposed standard for quilt labels.

They must include a picture of the quilt.
They must be legible, preferably done on the computer.
And they must have my signature, illegible as it often is.

Hanging sleeves should also adhere to a set of (again, self imposed) standards.

Hanging sleeves should match the quilt back, if possible.  Or at least complement the quilt.
They should not be pinned to the quilt.
Hand basted is acceptable, but the machine blind stitch is nicer since it is so sturdy - especially for wall quilts.

So when I succumbed to the call for quilts to be entered into my guild's upcoming quilt show, I knew I had to do labels and hanging sleeves.

Well Thursday is quilt drop off day and this is now Tuesday afternoon. So what am I doing?
Writing a blog post about how I hate doing labels.  

Yes, only labels, since I found out that the guild does not need sleeves (yay!) due to the way the quilt having system they use.

But they do need labels.  

So I made the labels.

40 Fabulous Years with Quilt in a Day

Weed Whacker #2

Now all I need to do is attach them to each of the four, yes, four, quilts I am entering in the show.

Well, I still have all of Wednesday to finish this task.

Labels are made, so now I can sew.

Louise, on the island, in label procrastination mode 

 PS. Finished the binding on this quilt yesterday afternoon.
See?  I told you I liked to hand sew bindings!