Monday, September 3, 2018

September Has Arrived with the "Classroom" Calendar

Where did the summer of 2018 go?

It is now September 3, Labor Day, of 2018.
The temperatures are warm.
It still feels like summer, although the leaves are beginning to fall. On to autumn quilting projects.

The "Classroom" at 74 Nooseneck Hill Road has a new schedule - only new in that I am managing the calendar now instead of Sharon.  However Sharon is still located in her old digs but slightly scaled back.  She has "downsized" her fabric offerings and her store hours, but still has quite a bit for you to choose for your ongoing or next project.

We hope you stop by to visit!

The :"Classroom" will have a calendar posted on the door as I do not have regular open hours like a store.
Open Sew is offered again on Monday evenings from 6 PM to 9 PM,
Thursday afternoons from 1 PM to 4 PM and
Friday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30 PM.

Open Sew is also offered on Sunday afternoon in the fall from 1:30 to 4:30 with a "reservation".
I NEED to watch my football team play! If they are on in the afternoon, I would like to be sitting in my comfy chair at home rooting for my team. But seriously, just give me a call,  a text on my cell or an email to let me know you are coming. If you don"t, you may be subjected to football mania while you try to sew! I am usually at the classroom most Sunday afternoons.

On to other topics and classes...

"Labyrinth" will be offered beginning in October.

This will be a three class event. Two classes in October to learn the nuances of Block A and Block B. The third class will take place in November and will be the finishing and assembly class. The pattern is from "The Guilty Quilter", although the picture above was taken from Pinterest. If you are interested in taking this class and need the pattern, please let me know so I can order one for you.

Coming up also will be the "Double Pinwheel", a pattern by Eleanor Burns and the Quilt in a Day company. 

It is NOT a ONE DAY QUILT!  This class will be offered in October as part of the PHD (projects half done) event.  Look for that date on the October Calendar.

Later this fall, in November, will be your opportunity to delve into some holiday projects. 

"In The Pines" is one possibility for you and the "Log Cabin Wreath" is definitely on tap.


Both will not be too time consuming so you should be able to finish them before the holiday decorating rush!

I hope you will find something to whet your quilting appetite in these offerings. If you have something you would like to try, let me know. We can probably fit it into the schedule.

Louise, on the island prepping for fall projects at the "Classroom"