Thursday, September 29, 2016

Of All Things September

The month is almost ending and the posts have been non-existent.  
This is an attempt to correct that!

Marie's "Bourbon Street Bricks Quilt" from Jelly Roll Jambalaya Quilts by Jeane Ann Wright.
The colors are lovely and don't really show in the picture.  Sorry about that Marie!


I finally finished these pieced hexies.  Originally I began this project at a weekend in North Carolina with Bonnie Hunter and Mickey Dupre, called Collaboration Celebration.

The pieced blocks are also finished (a long time ago!).  Now only the border remains.  The book and pattern seem to be out of print, so I will skip that information.  Maybe the ladies will find another publisher and release it, but for now, it is a collector's item!

Dottie's wall hanging is now complete! We used M'Liss Rae Hawley's book, "Fat Quarter Quilts, Fabric Choices, Easy Piecing and Quilting Ideas", and her "Embroidered Windows" quilt as inspiration for this attic windows type of quilt.

Finally, I attended a retreat last week and sewed a top a day.  The blocks have been completed over the past few months and have been sitting and waiting for the right time to be assembled into tops.
These two still need borders.

But these two are complete!

This is called "Fireworks" and comes from a book that I cannot find right now! How terrible of me!

This is called "Rainstick" and is from one of the Fons and Porter publications.

Both use jelly rolls.  

Now they go to the long arm quilter!

Well, tomorrow sees the end of September. The weather has turned colder these past few days, but Hurricane Matthew is in the Caribbean being fed by warm breezes.
Autumn has officially begun and the summer of 2016 has departed. Not to be melancholy, but time does fly if you don't watch it and appreciate it. I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow, the last day of September 2016, even if it is cool and rainy!  It will be a great time to quilt!

Louise, on the island, wondering where September 2016 went! 

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