Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday Wishes....

I wish the sun would come out...

I wish the pollen would disappear....

I wish the temperature was a teensy bit warmer...

I wish I was a size ten ...


But since I control none of that, (well maybe my weight just a bit!) I will keep in stitching!

Recent accomplishments includ the following:

Recently back from the long arm quilter is "Cinnamon Swirl". It is a Quilt in a Day pattern that uses 1.5 inch strips and is now waiting for its binding.

Getting ready to be sewn together is this top from MANY years ago.  It as supposed to have one more row and that row includes two appliquéd blocks.  We all know how I love Applique so it has been sitting and waiting. I think I am strong enough now to ignore those last two blocks, figure out something to go above or below the fence line and get this baby done!

I won't tell you how old, but the millennium had not yet arrived!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May I?...

May has arrived!

And with it, today, has come some warmer temperatures.

I am sitting on the deck as I write this, enjoying the warmth, in my short sleeves, checking out the view.

No leaves on the trees yet, but lots of buds.
The maples are just beginning to leaf out.
Today, if there is pollen about, is not a sneezing, itchy eye day for me. Hooray!

Now on to the quilts....

This binding must ge done by Saturday afternoon. It is almost complete - I will make it!

The second quilt for the UFO challenge is already completed.

"Cyclone" in thirties fabrics,

"Cyclone " in a red grunge, and Thimbleberries green and background. How's that for a combo?!

"Cyclone" is a free pattern from Quilt in a Day. I am using it as the sample in my new class for this month.  You will learn how to make flying geese the "Quilt in a Day" way as well as dabble in some partial piecing and assembly line sewing. Should be a fun time!

Resurrecting some oldies...
"One Block Says It All" is the book where this pattern came from. I don't have the book in front of me currently. It is buried in the deep stash somewhere. But the name of it stuck for some reason or other.
I am debating the border now.
Some of the Friday ladies suggest that I should just finish it as is. However I do have a number of half square triangle that were to be part of the border. Not enough to finish it, but enough to give me pause and originally push this in to the UFO pile. It needs to be completed!  We will see how it asks to be done.

Another not so oldie, yellow is the backing and I think I have the border set.  Just need to apply the border strips and get it to the quilter.

Some tops from April...

This still needs something else, probably a bit more purple on both sides.  The pattern calls for it to be like this, but it is not looking finished for my tastes.

The first "Diamond Tile" block, a block from Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker Magazne.

An April 11 sunset

My flowers from April 25.

Time goes on so quickly.

It is now May 2018. 
May I....

Louise, on the island, catching up, and enjoying the first 80 degree day of 2018