Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and Ten Minute Blocks

Needing to start a new project that does not remind me of lost relatives, I have been trolling trough my stash of UFO's lately.  Yesterday I came across the Ten Minute Block pattern attached to a group of fabrics in brighter spring colors.  Since it was the day before Easter and the fabrics were all cut and ready to sew and bright colors, I began to sew the blocks.

 It really can take only ten minutes to make a block!

In the span of an hour, I had completed four blocks ( one each of the red, blue, green, and purple). 

Today one yellow block and one orange block were completed before church and three additional blue blocks earlier this afternoon.

More blocks will be completed later today after some errands and Easter have to's.

I am enjoying this simple, colorful block.  Maybe I will call the quilt "Easter 2014"

Hope your day is great!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seasons on the (front) Deck - 4-3-14


I walked out the front door this morning and saw that the crocuses were finally in bloom.

Could spring finally be here?

Who knows what Mother Nature still has in store for us, but seeing the crocuses in bloom this morning gives me hope!

Enjoy the day!