Monday, August 10, 2020

August 2020

 Once again, it has been awhile since my last posting so I will try to bring you up to date on happenings in my world.

In June my Bernina Q24 finally arrived and was installed on the fourteenth (Flag Day) by Noah an his crew from Gather Here.  Pretty much an all day affair, but when it was over the machine was ready to go!

So I stared at it for the next 24 hours as I wondered to myself what was I thinking!

But I forced myself into motion, watched a few videos and began to try it out on the various charity quilts I had assembled in anticipation of just this time.

Each quilt has been a unique learning experience. Let me show you some of what has been done.

Below is my most recent quilt, “Milky Way”, pattern from Quilt in A Day was quilted with the “Cottontail” pattern that is part of the Bernina Q24 suite of loaded patterns.

This was the second charity quilt.  It’s distinguishing features include a row of bubbles, unfortunately not shown here, as well as the “scrap paper” design . But the best thing about this quilt are the feet!  Can you see them? It was our first experience taking a design, linking it and turning it in various directions.  May not seem like much to you but it was a very big thing for Paul and I to figure out and do!

Next we have below one of my Daffodil quilts. Two of these same design wall hangings were quilted side by side on the long arm using a very large flower design.  The second one of these now lives with my sister.

And now we have the second charity quilt.  This was quilted side to side rather than top to bottom.  It was also our first attempt at making a true edge to edge pantograph on a quilt. Can you see the bubble design?
This was fun to do and a true learning experience.

Next comes one of my quilts which was a pattern called “Can you spare a dime?”  Made with a layer cake ( one from a Pat Sloan line of fabric), this quilt was actually quilted on my Babylock Coronet! Now why did I include it here?  

This “Turning Twenty” quilt was made with twenty fat quarters, hence the name, and quilted with a lovely  stars and banner over all edge to edge pantograph design.  Its significance comes from the fact that we finally got the design to actually be edge to edge,

An overall view of the charity quilt with the feet, scrap paper and circles.  This was really lots of fun to do.  I was sorry to let it go!

Next below is one of my wilder creations in terms of fabric.  It’s included to be visually stimulating and to annoy some of my friends with it’s wildness. You know who you are!

And finally up is “Fanfare” a Studio 180 design.  It is made with fabrics purchased from Kathryn when she had her store, “Dragonfly’s Quilts” I know I probably spelled the dragonfly part incorrectly, so I apologize Kathryn!  You can find her these days online and doing a Facebook event every Sunday night.

Well this concludes this slide show since the rest of my pictures are on other devices and it takes way too much thinking to get them into a blog post at this time of the morning!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our progress as we learn and use my new Bernina Q24!

Louise, on the island, waiting for the coffee to perk, 
(yes I still have an old fashioned Faberware percolator sitting next to my Keurig!)