Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hanging out in California

***!! This post was written while I was in California this past week. The connection was not strong enough for me to upload all of the pictures. So it is being shared with you now that I am home. My week there was awesome!!***

At Quilt in a Day!

With Eleanor Burns... 

And Sue Bouchard...

My heroes! These ladies are the ones who started me on my quilting journey many years ago!

I have spent the last four days at Quilt in a Day Teacher Training in San Marcos, California learning all the tricks of the trade.

We worked on half square triangles,

Flying Geese,

"Kiley's Kite"

Scallop Borders,

Made Maple Leaves and Turkeys

 Worked on the Triangle in a square,

And made the Mexican Star block using the Wdge a Ruler.

I met some great people who come from varied walks of life, states and countries! Okay, one other country - Canada. But you get my point.

We are all interested in learning and then teaching and sharing our knowledge.

Thank You Eleanor and Staff for a wonderful learning experience!

Louise, who is NOT on the island, but rather in California learning at Quilt In A Day with Eleanor Burns.