Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Accomplishments at the Studio

And a look around.

Here are a few shots of the classroom with some of my creations on display.

Today's accomplishments include completing the top of this "Yellow Brick Road",

 putting up "Trails End" on the design wall.  I still need to decide if I like the arrangement or not.  That will percolate in my brain until tomorrow .

And finally one completed string block and another left under the needle until tomorrow's sewing.

A good day at Island Creations by Louise Studio!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Revisiting an old friend

I happened to pick up Sally Schneider's 1994 book "Scrap Mania, More Quick Pieced Scrap Quilts" this afternoon.  Several of the quilts called to me.  At the risk of starting another UFO, I picked a block which utilized 2" strips.

I have been trying to cut my scraps into useable pieces, so the two inch bucket had a good selection available.  In addition, I also have another small bin with lots of two inch squares.

As a result, it took me about five minutes to choose my squares and to cut my four 2 inch by 5 inch background squares.  Then another 15 minutes to piece the block.  By the way it took me that long to sew the block because I fit it in between piecing two "Pineapple Crazy" blocks.  Or maybe I pieced the "Pineapple Crazy" blocks in between the "Catherine Wheels" block from Sally's book.

Either way, in about 15 minutes, I had two "Pineapple Crazy" blocks, one "Catherine Wheels" and just for good measure one pinwheel with several half square triangles cut from the corners of the "Pineapple Crazy" blocks.

I love having "Leader and Ender" projects readily available.  I love have a system to manage my scraps.
And I love having a library of old favorites.

The next block in Sally' s book is a fifteen inch "Burgoyne Surrounded" block which uses 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 inch strips.  That one is definitely calling my name!

Only trouble is that this block will take longer than 15 minutes and I am done for the night.

Maybe tomorrow?

September 28, 2014

Or is it July 28? Or maybe even August 28? You can't tell by the temperatures!

The boat has gone to winter storage.  The dock is out for the season. Yet the temperatures are reminiscent of summer.  

I am sitting on the deck enjoying the weather, listening to the music as it drifts across the cove from an impromptu party celebrating what could very well be the last weekend day of warmth for 2014.

Oh yes, I am also piecing the last hexagon from the "Collaboration Celebration 2013" project.  It will get done sooner rather than later.  Now to appliqué the pieced hexie on to the background.

And to cap off the day, burgers on the grill for dinner!

Hope your Sunday is going well!