Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blink! Where did February go?

Blink! It was January 2017. 
The retreats were beginning.

Blink! It was February 2017.
The retreats were over, finished for this year.

Blink, February 21, 2017! What happened to February?!

I know February is a short month, but really???

On to February finishes and PhD's

Kate's table runner, "Candy Dish", a free pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts.

Dottie's log cabin cabin table topper.

My version of "Raspberry Swirl" from Pam Lintott's book," Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts" using an older line of fabrics from Moda. Lots of browns in this one, so it may become "Chocolate Swirl".

"(B)Limey Squares" is now a completed quilt, only needing its binding finished by hand.
Ok, it also needs a label.
My 2017 resolution? Labels on all of my new quilts and hanging sleeves for all smaller quilts.

To that end ...

Labels! Pre-printed ones!
Maybe if I use the preprinted labels I will be more successful reaching this goal.

On to PhD's...

"Autumn stars", a kit from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, 8 out of the needed 20 are finished.

"Dotty", blocks for a quilt from a pattern from Linda Warren Designs, using her tool called "The Learning Curve". Only 6 completed here out of the needed 24.

It has been challenging for me to do the curved piecing required to construct these blocks. Challenging but rewarding as I watch them come together. 

Piano keys border pieces for "Idaho Square Dance", a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book "Addicted to Scraps". All in groups of ten and all scrappy greens.

One of the 49 "Pineapple Blossom" blocks stacked and ready to be sewn tonight. 
This is another Bonnie Hunter pattern. But this one is available on her website under the free patterns tab.

A container of flying geese for another project.  Some sewn, some stacked and ready to be sewn, and a short stack of triangles trimmed from the corners. 

Seen enough?

There are many other projects floating around here.  Some rise to the top, or come to the foreground in the quilting cue, while others recede into the background, tucked into their tote bags waiting for another day.

I am getting better and not starting so many projects these days. I am trying to finish some things up before adding more. Sounds like a plan, but blink!

Just found this bag of goodies ready and waiting to be cut.

Do I dare?

Louise, on the island, really trying hard not to blink!