Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 and Today's Sewing

Well today is Memorial Day 2016. 
The weather is cooler and rainy and damp.
The attendance at services at the cemetery this morning was sparse.
Hopefully, because of the rain and not for a lack of interest in the event.
Another Memorial Day is upon us and we reflect, respect and relive.

And this afternoon, we sew, because we can, thanks to the service of those we remember today.

What's under your needle today?

Nothing patriotic under mine. Just bits and pieces of UFO's. That pile never seems to diminish.

The last few blocks of this group which uses a line of fabrics from Moda by Sandy Gervais.  I forgot the name of the line, but it is still available at the Piecing With Poppers Quilting Center in West Greenwich, Rhode Island.  Probably elsewhere too, but definitely there.

The last of the double four patches for this Fat Quarter Quilt.

And then some cutting and trimming.

"Yellow Brick Road" pieces...

Some half square triangles for another Fat Quarter Quilt...

And some pinwheels for blocks from Bonnie Hunter's "Smith Mountain Morning" quilt.

Once I finish the sewing, I will focus on the cutting, while watching the baseball game.

Enjoy your Memorial Day 2016!
Thanks to those who have ensured that we can have these relaxing and productive sewing days.

Louise, on the island reveling in the freedom to sew.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is It Really 86 Degrees?

The thermometer says so.

 But the humidity seems low.

Everything has leafed out! 
I love the beginning of summer!

Another advantage for me now, is that the pollen my body hates, seems to have disappeared.  With the fading of the lilacs comes the fading of my spring time pollen allergy.  Memorial Day is also a home free date and that is coming up this weekend!

At the sewing table today are bits and pieces of almost finished projects and PhDs ( projects half done!)

Some flying geese...

Several double four patch blocks...

A Tonga Treats wall hanging....

And many more blue and white nine patches for my (someday) queen sized "Burgoyne Surrounded" quilt to be done in blue and white...

Some "Alliatare" blocks...

And six more of these "Fade Away" blocks...

Just a variety of things to keep me interested and involved.  You all know my penchant for wandering off to new projects.

What's on your agenda today?

Louise, on the island enjoying the weather, after stacking a cord of wood with DH this AM...really Paul???

Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday at the Machine

Sewing machine that is....

Working on "Carolina Chain" blocks this afternoon, a block from Bonnie Hunter's "Addicted to Scraps" column in Quiltmaker magazine.

A big pile of these five inch unfinished blocks have been completed.  I need to finish the rest!

When they are done, the next step is to deal with this stack.

Blocks for two different quilt tops are inter-mixed in this stack. 

These large blocks and 

These twelve inch blocks are in the stack.

 It is my way of keeping myself on track and focused.  

I think I have talked about this tendency of mine before where I will go off track when I get one or two blocks of a quilt completed and I therefore know how to sew the blocks together and it then becomes routine and monotonous. I get bored with doing the same block over and over. So I now inter-mix blocks from two or more quilts together into a stack and work on them little by little.  

Blocks construction may proceed a bit slower now, but I do see blocks for a top to completion these days.  In the past, I would usually set them aside and the project would then be quickly destined for the UFO stash.

Well back to sewing...

Louise, on the windy island, on a Monday afternoon, sewing in the hallway studio, in the sunshine

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Random Thoughts in a Wednesday

It is Wednesday again.  Some random thoughts.

Why are my springtime allergies so less bothersome here in Westerly, than they are at home in Coventry? 

Are the trees THAT different here than in Coventry?

Why can I get so much sewing done when I am away from home?

That is probably self explanatory but I still wonder why it is so.

The photo is of blocks from Frivols 2, a Minick and Simpson pattern, called "Faithful" from Moda featuring the Polka-Dots & Paisleys line of fabric. It had been sitting on my sewing table ready to go for quite awhile. It feels good to see it finished this much and good to think it might be a top in the next day or so. Granted a 26 inch square top, but nevertheless, a top!

Good things come in threes, they say. So today, being day three of this retreat should be awesome!
I will keep you posted.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Louise, who is not on the island this week, but who is still sewing.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

And Then There Was Sun

I know we need the rain. But maybe it could come, rain and then leave!

It has rained, been overcast and fairly cool all week long, since the boat came.
We knew we were taking a chance by having the boat come so early in May, but we hoped...

We were wrong!

And then finally, this afternoon, the sun made its appearance.  With it has come some strong winds and cool temperatures, but it is sunny. 

The sunset this evening is lovely, especially after this cloudy week.

The picture does not do it justice, but it does show the sun sinking behind the trees.

I will take it.

There are some nasty weather events going on today, so I know I cannot complain.  I am grateful for the sun, as well as the rain, but especially for the sun on this Mother's Day 2016.

Good thoughts for those in Colorado after today's tornadoes and those in Alberta Canada dealing with wildfires.  May their weather events turn into better weather for them, both rain and sun where needed.

I am off to finish some blocks which are slowly working their way towards quilt tops.  

One group of blocks has 16 out of the needed 25.  

Please excuse the wrinkles! These need to be pressed still!

Another set has 18 of the needed 36. 

Finally the last set will be complete with the finishing of three blocks.  

I intermix the blocks because making the same block over and over again can be so monotonous for me and usually indicates the making of another UFO.  This way the blocks usually get finished, even though it may take a bit longer.

Again Happy Mother's Day!

Louise, on the island, enjoying the sun after the week of rain