Thursday, March 28, 2013

National Quilting Day

Has come and gone..what did I do that day? Lots of things, but no quilting.

As a result I am celebrating a bit later this year and in a different way.

I am making my own National Quilting Day by setting aside some time to sew each day. Twenty four one hour sessions will add up to a complete day and will help me celebrate for many days instead of just one. Maybe it is not in the exact spirit of a "day". But it works for me and allows me to justify stitching each afternoon for an hour (not that I really need to justify my stitching time). While some folks may nap, I am spending an hour stitching on bindings.

Since I am seriously behind on that aspect of quilting, this seems to be a win for me.

Here are some current bindings needing to be finished.

Yep, there are five quilts - all queen sized or larger.

Now you can understand why my idea is a good one!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilt weekend!

Quilting with about 60 of my closest quilty friends. Having a great weekend. Thanks Mary for saving my life at home!

Totebag, patriotic quilt with rows finally sewn together, 36 quilt blocks finally finished, and the instructions for a string project that many are doing today, but one that will have to wait for me.

Some of the projects done thus far this weekend.

A great way to begin a new month!