Thursday, December 5, 2019

Retreats Foster Creativity

Recently I was reviewing some of the pictures from the November Quilters Retreat.  It is amazing what quilters get up to when they have the time, space and community in which to create!

Check out these pictures! Can you honestly tell me that your creative juices don't start flowing after viewing these pictures!

Berta's Scrappy Pinwheels

Berta's Hexagon Flower Quilt in progress!

Carol's T-Shirt Quilt

Janice's queen sized quilt using the "Milky Way" pattern from Quilt in A Day

Kate continues to work on her Stitch Sampler

Mary H's Mexican Star blocks using a Quilt in A Day pattern

Mary C's scrappy quilt - can you find the mouse? 
Hint - He's hiding on the lower right!

More hand stitching by Sharon

Mary C's scrappy Apple Core quilt

There were many more quilting activities going on during the retreat.  I was not able to capture them all!

So next time you find your creative juices lagging, either view pictures of others' creative works or find yourself a retreat to attend!

Hint, hint,  - check out the retreat tab on the blogs' front page.  We still have room in many of the weekends!

Louise, on the island, trying to get her creative juices flowing

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Labels, Labels, Labels and Quilt Hanging Sleeves

People often ask me why I don't put quilts into local quilt shows.


The short answer....

Labels and quilt hanging sleeves

Not my thing!

I love piecing quilt tops.

I love hand sewing quilt bindings.

I don't mind quilting quilt tops ( especially now with my Babylock Coronet)

Kites from Pennsylvania

But I do not like to do labels and hanging sleeves.

I have a self imposed standard for quilt labels.

They must include a picture of the quilt.
They must be legible, preferably done on the computer.
And they must have my signature, illegible as it often is.

Hanging sleeves should also adhere to a set of (again, self imposed) standards.

Hanging sleeves should match the quilt back, if possible.  Or at least complement the quilt.
They should not be pinned to the quilt.
Hand basted is acceptable, but the machine blind stitch is nicer since it is so sturdy - especially for wall quilts.

So when I succumbed to the call for quilts to be entered into my guild's upcoming quilt show, I knew I had to do labels and hanging sleeves.

Well Thursday is quilt drop off day and this is now Tuesday afternoon. So what am I doing?
Writing a blog post about how I hate doing labels.  

Yes, only labels, since I found out that the guild does not need sleeves (yay!) due to the way the quilt having system they use.

But they do need labels.  

So I made the labels.

40 Fabulous Years with Quilt in a Day

Weed Whacker #2

Now all I need to do is attach them to each of the four, yes, four, quilts I am entering in the show.

Well, I still have all of Wednesday to finish this task.

Labels are made, so now I can sew.

Louise, on the island, in label procrastination mode 

 PS. Finished the binding on this quilt yesterday afternoon.
See?  I told you I liked to hand sew bindings!


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

100 Blocks in 100 Days 2019 style - an Update

Blocks 84 to block 93 of the 100 Days 100 Blocks 2019 project.  
The blocks are found in Angie Wilson's book, (she is also known as Gnome Angel) "100 Blocks Kinship Fusion Sampler".
The challenge has been to post a block a day on Instagram or Facebook and the journey began on July 1.
I think I blogged about this back in July. So I thought I needed to update you now that the end is in sight.
I will fill in the rest of the blocks in the future.
Enjoy these blocks, out of numerical order as they are, and upside down as some may be.
But you get the idea....

Block 92

Block 89

Block 86

Block 84

Oops! This one is upside down! Block 90

Block 93

Block 88 - looks like a road into the mountains!

Block 85 - also upside down!

Block 87

Block 91

These are my latest and will show up on the Instagram and Facebook feed in the future.

It has been a fun summer doing these blocks,

But now I am ready for the end and ready to put the blocks into a quilt.

Louise, on the island, planning the 100 Blocks 2019 quilt top

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


August - it came and now it is almost gone!

A busy month for sewing and retreating.
Here are some photos of what I have been up to this month.

A recent project start - “Chrysanthemum Trio” will be a table runner when completed. 

A little four patch quilt made with the left overs from another top. 

On the design wall at retreat at the beginning of the month 

Another part of the same design wall. 

A completed top which is a possible project for October’s SIYOB. 
That is a Friday night sew, and then go home and sleep in your own bed. 
Then come back in Saturday and sew until 4 PM.  
Quite a bit of time to make a dent or finish your project. 

Maybe I will see you soon!
Louise, on the island, wondering where August went!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July 4 2019

**** Formatting Woes Caused this Blog Post NOT to Post on July 4th****
PLUS I tried to do the posting on my older laptop - I learned that lesson well!
July Fourth on the pond is a unique adventure.  Wave runners and pontoon boats, jet skiers and ski boats, the place gets crowded.

Once a year there is an awesome party going on which culminates in a huge fireworks presentation sponsored by the JPCA.

I hope everyone enjoys the day and is thankful for having the opportunity TO enjoy the day.

Happy July Fourth 2019!

 GQ was 

Catching up with quilty things.

I am participating in this year's 100 blocks in 100 days challenge, primarily on Instagram with posts on my Facebook pages.

Here are the first four days.

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3

Block 4

I have also visited my ironing board this morning so here are blocks from other quilts in progress.

"Merry and Bright" was the Pat Sloan block of the week in the fall of 2018.  Only the alternate blocks are left for this one.

This is block 2 of the Curved Ruler Block of the Month that i purchased from Amelia's Garden in New York state a few years ago.  Progress has been slow on this one but it is coming along.

Block-Who-Knows-What-Number of the "Box Kite" blocks.  This Bonnie Hunter design is probably ready to be webbed in the near future.

Also in progress is another Pat Sloan project, her 2016 Block of the Month pattern called "My Secret Garden".  I am up to block 8 of the twelve block sampler.

All of these have been ongoing projects that I work on as time permits.  They will all be finished in due time.

Hope you have a wonderful US Independence Day on this July 4th, 2019.
Our fore-fathers sacrificed much so that we would be able to relax and enjoy this day!

Louise, on the deck, enjoying the Fourth of July 2019


Monday, June 3, 2019

June 3rd

The month is progressing as is my quilting projects.

Here are some pictures of some of the latest.

My first "Lucy Boston" English Paper Piecing block.
Here it is basted. In real life, it is half sewn together.
"Falling Charms" is ready for the long arm quilter - maybe that will be me!
Did I show you this one?
It is a square in a square sampler of "Grunge" fabrics.
I love this line in all of its wonderful colors!
"Maze" came out of storage for one of the recent photo sessions.
I don't remember if I showed it for that blog posting. 
If I did, well, here it is again since I like it so much.

"Rainstick" is another fun favorite.
Again, sorry if I recently posted it - but, since I do love it, you get to see it again!
Well that is all for now.
I will have to find some of the other new quilts to show you in my next post!
on the island, looking through stuff!

Happy June!

Having returned from Missouri a week ago, I am almost back to reality.
I woke up this morning to June!

But before it gets too far into the new month as too far away from my trip, let me share a few pictures of my time in Hamiton Missouri at the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

The quilts below were found decorating the walls at the new Education Center and Theater at MSQC.

These are all published patterns from the MSQC so I believe I can show pictures of them.
As I remember the specific names of the quilts I will note that info under the quilt.

It was a great week in Hamilton Missouri.

I hope that some day I will be able to return there.

In the meantime, back to reality!
I hope your day and this new month go well.

Happy June!

Louise, on the island, contemplating the new month, in the fog!