Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve - It's a Heat Wave!

All along the east coast of the United States, the temperatures are uncharacteristically warm for December 24,2015.

66 degrees at 4:50 PM when the average temperature is about 40 degrees at the warmest part of the day!

Oh well, we know it won't last, so we might as well enjoy it!

I have been busy the last few days shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts and working on a mystery quilt.  So I apologize for the lack of quilty related photos and posts.  But since that work is essentially finished, the quilt related posts will begin again shortly.

I wish you all the best holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and peace to all in the world.

Until next time, 
Louise on the island

Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 12 2015 Update!

 The temperatures continue to be unseasonable. 

 63 degrees at 3 PM on December 12, who would have thought this would be the case?

Downstairs sewing projects...

Four blocks completed of the needed 20.  Slow going on these today.  I think the weather has slowed my brain!

The in between leader and ender project...

These triangles will eventually be " Anita's Arrowheads" and are an adaptation of a Craftsy class and a guild class taught by Anita Solomon.  I am using triangles instead of ten inch squares, but the technique is the same as is the resulting block.  

Fun to do!

And the upstairs projects...

Thirties spools utilizing "Toy Chest Conversationals" by the Washington Street Studios, a division of P and B Textiles and a downloadable pattern by Stacey Day found on the P and B website.

In between the spool blocks, I am piecing these blocks utilizing a line of fabric by Sandy Gervais which is by Moda and found at the shop, Piecing with Poppers Quilting Center.

I stack the block groupings on smaller pieces of cardboard that I have collected over the years. Thís way I don't get bored making one block over and over.  I do get them done even though this method might take a bit longer to get the blocks finished. But then I have the blocks for two quilts finished!

Finally, I need to wrap gifts but who wants to cover up this tree skirt?  

Every year I wish I could keep it out a bit longer since the season is soo short!  But I will enjoy it as long as I can and put the presents on it at the last minute!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11 and 61 degrees and Sewing with Black Thread

As the title of this post says, it is December 11 and 61 degrees this afternoon. Very unusual for December, don't you agree?

Often, on this the day before my sister's birthday, we are running around in heavy coats doing our Christmas shopping and squeezing in a birthday gift for her and my hubby (whose birthday comes at the end of the month).  Sometimes even dodging snow! But not this year!  I am enjoying it while it lasts because we all know that suddenly it will be cold and snowy and 61 degrees will be a fond memory.

Now on to the sewing projects...

There was black in the bobbin, so of course, black projects needed to be sewn today.

Yes, there is a bit of red in honor of the season!

The finished top did not take too long since it was "webbed" in an earlier sewing session.

This next top is an oldie which rose to the top of the UFO stash in a recent reorganizing session.

Only the final borders needed to be applied.  So the two tops were finished today.

Bug bottles!  You remember this pattern, don't you?

I can't remember why I chose the blacks for this project. But it is now complete.  I am not going to second guess myself.  It is time to move this to the long arm quilter and get it to be a completely finished wall hanging.

And finally Carol's project..

A table runner destined to be a gift.  We used a decorative stitch which was found on Mary's Pfaff to complete the binding.  I love using this particular stitch.  It makes for a nice, quick binding finish.

Well that is all for today. The temperature is supposed to continue to be well above normal for this time of year.  Try to get outside and enjoy it while you can!