Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year All!

It is another cold one today.

14 degrees at 3:15 pm on a sunny January 1st, 2018.
Could be worse since yesterday the high was about 11 degrees!

But when it is cold outside, we stay inside and quilt!

The first binding applied in 2018.

Bright and lime green to lift the mood.

The first binding completed in 2018 will be....

"Weed Whacker", a Bonnie Hunter free pattern that I began at a retreat that I think took place in 2010 or 2011. This was one of my beginning scrappy Bonnie Hunter quilts. Full sized picture to follow soon.

This is the latest one being worked on...

"On Ringo Lake" the 2017 Quiltville Mystery Quilt. Lots of pieces in this one so it is going to be the January retreat leader/ender project this year. I hope to complete it by the end of the month. Crossing my fingers on that!

Strips for a lap sized "Quock Trip Quilt" using the Eleanor Burns pattern. I need to update my samples for this quilt.

Another binding ready to go.

Pieces for a second "Cyclone Quilt" have been cut and pieced. Another Quilt in a Day pattern that can be found on their website under the free pattern tab.

Pieces for a "Jumping Jacks" quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company..

"Best 20" from 2017. Yeah I know, a bit much, but it was really hard to just come up with just Nine!

Dottie's paper pieced Unicorn pillow,

Another Missouri Star pattern top completed. Loved the scrappy outer border!

Roxanne's panel quilt with a piano keys border.

Tricia's quilt top used a Villa Rosa pattern called "Busy Bee" as inspiration. She added the sashing and cornerstones as well as a pieced outer border to make this beauty!

A "Disappearing Nine Patch" by one of the students. I apologize but I cannot remember who made this one. If it is yours, please let me know.

A work in progress from yours truly. These blocks are at least about ten years old at this point and I still don't know what setting to do with them.  They are now back in the "to do someday" pile.

Placemat made for Thanksgiving. The original plan was to make one for each of the dinner guests. I only finished one!  I probably should continue making one each month so I am ready for Thanksgiving 2018.

Two tops completed at a November retreat. Neither are quilted yet although both are small enough that I could do them myself.

That seems to about it for projects that I took pictures of in the last two months of 2017.
Progress was made on many UFO's this past year but the UFO stash has really not been decreased at all. I continue to start new projects when I get excited about a new technique, book or pattern. Sometimes a line of fabric just inspires me to create.
Thanks to the Snoopy crowd for this lovely photo. 

Hello 2018!  

I hope you are a good one!

Louise, on the island, watching the sun set on the first day of 2018.