Sunday, January 31, 2016

Retreat weekend

Two full, busy days of Quilter's retreat.  Lots of amazing work being done by this group.  I am in such awe of their expertise that I often forget to take a picture!

But here are some I have taken. 


Carolyn's pineapple blocks.  Lots of pieces in each one!

Cindy's top was completed this weekend.

Nancy designed and is paper piecing this beauty.  It has been fascinating watching her work.

Here is one of the sections of this quilt block.

Pam is a cross stitcher who has been working on these ornaments this weekend. 
Awesome, aren't they?

Janice has finished her top. But we all agree that someone needs to be on the dock, probably fishing.
We'll have to wait to see what she comes up with to finish her top.

Carol's top is now completed.

She is now working on her binding.

Mary Beth is working on some quick pieced tops.

Janice completed this top on Friday. Maybe I can get a picture of the whole top tomorrow!

Mary finished the binding on this beauty.

You've seen this before, I think.

Peggy is working on a pink quilt. Quite a few four patches resulted from these strips.

Finally, I couldn't believe these hexie rosettes. Nancy has been piecing them from one piece of a very interesting fabric.  See the rotary cutter and spool of thread for a perspective on the size of each rosette. Absolutely amazing!

It has been a wonderful weekend thus far. One more day to go.  Hopefully I can remember to take a picture the next time another wonderful project is shown.  There is so much going on here at retreat.

Have a great night!
Louise, on retreat at the Hampton Inn

Monday, January 25, 2016

February 2016 Calendar and a Post Retreat Recuperation Day

The February Calendar has been posted on the Calendar tab. Click there to see what I am up to during the month with Open Sew and some meetings I regularly attend.

Today has been a slow day as I recuperate from the Quilters Weekend Retreat.  The past weekend was a closed retreat weekend with these participants coming since the first one I had planned. Since the room hasn't gotten any larger, I have not been able to add any more participants to that group.  But I have added one more retreat that will happen next weekend.  Those details are on the tab above.

Finally some left over photos of projects from the weekend.


Sally finished another section of her paper pieced masterpiece.  Can't wait until this is finished.  It is going to be gorgeous.

Beverly completed this top on Sunday. Love how the sections fit together.

Mary's "Exploding Star" is made with all of the corner triangles she has collected from quilters who add a square to a corner and then cut the excess fabric. She is working on the binding now.  I wonder if I can talk her into making another to thank me for all of those triangles I have gifted her over the years?

Check back on the coming weekend to see what is happening during the next retreat.  There are sure to be lots of creative quilty projects for us to enjoy.

Hope you have a great week!

Louise, who is recuperating on the island today. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday of the Second Quilter's Retreat

Saturday saw more progress and show and tell gives me another chance to share that progress on our respective projects with you!

Hope you enjoy today's photo show from the Quilter's Retreat at the Hampton Inn.

Once again, enjoy!

Joan's strawberry block and 

Her tea kettle.  Love the accent strips in the center of the teakettle.  Both blocks are from the book, "Vintage Farm Girl".

Mary has finished the quilting and is on to the binding on her "Poppers" tablerunner.

Ginny finished the final border on her quilt top.

Ginny also completed her blue triangle fabric basket.  This was a project from two years ago. Another UFO bites the dust!

Mary is working on the final border of this quilt.

Joyce is working on the binding of this flannel "Trip Around the World" quilt.

Angela has been putting together this quilt with race cars for her grandson who loves NASCAR.

Joyce also began to work on this sealife quilt.

Lynn has worked many hours on her picture pieced block.  Very intricate piecing which still needs appliqué for the stem.  Great focus Lynn!

The final picture is of the quilt that began today's show and tell and it comes from Sue.  She used the leftovers from another quilt to make this wonderful star and nine patch beauty.  Wonderful work, Sue!

Another day done and one more to go.  It has snowed pretty much all day here, but we have been busy inside as we have watched the snow fall.  Tomorrow after lunch we will clean the snow off our cars and vans and go our separate ways back to daily life.  However we have many memories to take with us from the snowy Quilter's Weekend Retreat of January 2016!

Have a great night!
Louise still at the Hampton Inn in snowy Coventry RI

Progress at the Second Quilter's Retreat

A few photos to show progress on the various projects happening at the second January Quilter's Retreat.


Sue has her quilt top completed! Now on to the three borders she has planned to complete this quilt.

Eileen completed another block for her "Plain and Fancy" block of the month.

Today Kate has completed the inner border of 2.5 inch squares. This picture from yesterday shows that border partially completed. Go, Kate!

Delores has completed another butterfly block for her newest quilt.  Can't wait to see this completed!

Lots of tumbling blocks going together over at Chris's sewing station.

Pat has a sample going for her newest workshop, called "Geese in the Cabin". Look for more info on her website, about this upcoming workshop.

Joan is so organized! One completed block from the "Vintage Farm Girl"collection.  Another all organized and ready to go!  A little birdy told me to look for the teapot as her next completed block.

Betty has completed two beaded, fringed scarves.  

Borders going on Mary's second pinwheel quilt.

She needs a bit more fabric for the border on her first one!

Sally's Spool Quilt is coming along.  When arranged like this (the grey sashing is not present here) they resemble attic windows!

Sue's bag just needs handles!

Mary continues to quilt her "Poppers" quilt.

I continue to work on these geese blocks. Only seven more to go!

Having lots of fun here as we wait for the snow to arrive.  No need to go outside as we have all we need here at the Hampton Inn in Coventry RI.

Lots of food, fun and friends!

Louise, from the Greene Room at the Hampton Inn

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Playing with Batiks

Today I am playing with a roll of batiks from Moda called "Calypso Batiks".
I have set up some nine patches.

And cut some strips 6 1/2 inches long by 2 1/2 wide for a scrappy piano keys border.

And another set of strips

There are other elements of this small-ish quilt that are already on the sewing machine.

The sun is currently shining brightly, (as you can see by the corner of the picture above), but snow is in the forecast by the end of the day. Right now the day holds promise.

However, as they say in the romance novels I often read, "Daylight is burning".  So I am taking advantage of the wonderful sunshine this morning and moving along with my cutting and sewing.  I hope to have much of this put together by nightfall.  I know, an ambitious goal!  Let's hope I can do it!

Louise from the island in the morning sunshine, appreciating the day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Final post of projects from the first weekend...

I just came across some photos of projects from the Quilter's Weekend Retreat.

They are not in any special order but do show some of the activities that happened this past weekend.

Linda's quilt top (I originally thought it was Kate's) called Fence Rails and Nine Patches.

Linnea's first few blocks from the 2014 Craftsy Block of the Month

Tina's pinwheels and embroidered patches baby quilt

Maria's race car quilt.

Parts of star blocks that Earleen was making.

It was a fun weekend.  This is only a small sample of the many projects that were worked on throughout the three days.

Until next year, for this group!

Louise, reflecting and revisiting photos from the weekend