Monday, April 6, 2020

An Ironing Monday

As many of you know, I thoroughly dislike ironing!

( yes, there is another word that would substitute very nicely for “thoroughly dislike” but as a former kindergarten teacher, I spent many years trying to keep that word out of the students’ vocabulary. Thus I hesitate to use it even today, especially in the written word!
However, I digress...)

So as I have been sewing lately, I just pile up what needs to be pressed on my ironing board and then move along to the next sewing item.

But eventually it catches up with you.  You can’t go on to the next step until you get one part pressed and trimmed.

So guess what needs to happen today?

That’s right! Pressing! And maybe a little bit of trimming this afternoon.

Wish me luck!

Louise, on the island, standing at the ironing board, staring at the units and blocks that need to be pressed.