Thursday, December 5, 2019

Retreats Foster Creativity

Recently I was reviewing some of the pictures from the November Quilters Retreat.  It is amazing what quilters get up to when they have the time, space and community in which to create!

Check out these pictures! Can you honestly tell me that your creative juices don't start flowing after viewing these pictures!

Berta's Scrappy Pinwheels

Berta's Hexagon Flower Quilt in progress!

Carol's T-Shirt Quilt

Janice's queen sized quilt using the "Milky Way" pattern from Quilt in A Day

Kate continues to work on her Stitch Sampler

Mary H's Mexican Star blocks using a Quilt in A Day pattern

Mary C's scrappy quilt - can you find the mouse? 
Hint - He's hiding on the lower right!

More hand stitching by Sharon

Mary C's scrappy Apple Core quilt

There were many more quilting activities going on during the retreat.  I was not able to capture them all!

So next time you find your creative juices lagging, either view pictures of others' creative works or find yourself a retreat to attend!

Hint, hint,  - check out the retreat tab on the blogs' front page.  We still have room in many of the weekends!

Louise, on the island, trying to get her creative juices flowing