Thursday, March 20, 2014

Charity Quilts

It is embarrassing for me to admit how long ago I took this quilt to finish as a contribution to my guild's charity quilt efforts.

It is not a big quilt, but it still sat in the "to do" pile for several years.  Recently I have renewed my efforts to finish things and this charity quilt was one which rose to the top of the "get it done!" list. 

Now I can finally call it done.

It will go with me to tonight's meeting and eventually off to someone who won't know how long it lived at my home in the UFO department. My apologies to the guild member who originally made the top and has been wondering where it went.  Maybe you will be at tonight's meeting to see it finally finished.

It feels good to have this one finally completed.

Here's to charity quilts and to getting things done.