Friday, August 14, 2015

Decorative Stitches on a Tote Bag Handle

As some of you may know I have been working on some tote bags for a commission job. I am now up to applying the handles on the tote bags.

I thought some nice decorative stitches would add a certain flair to the handles and make them less boring to look at after they were applied.

But did I remember how BORING it is to sit and watch the sewing machine make those stitches on the handles?!!

I have been at this for an hour now.

One handle completed...

One to go....

I have talked to my sister for 15 minutes.  I have talked to a telemarketer ( for a lot less than 15 minutes) who was ready to send someone out next week, since they would be in my neighborhood, to clean and fix my chimney. I have filed my nails, I have wound a bobbin and I have listened to a you tube video about fixing a dripping faucet.

The stitching is almost done on the second handle! Yeah!!!

But I have two more to do!

Those will have to wait until later since I have Open Sew in a half hour and I still need to eat lunch!

And the stitching goes on...

A posting from Louise, who is monitoring the sewing machine decoratively stitching tote bag handles in the Studio at Island Drive.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Seasons on the Deck - August Monday Morning

It has been awhile, I was recently reminded, since I posted a "seasons on the deck" update.

I am here to oblige and bring you up to date!

Summer is in full swing with everything leafed out and green.  No squirrels or hummingbirds this late in the morning. Just a peacefulness that is always welcome in my busy life.

Today is a holiday in Rhode Island, so hubby is not working.  Currently he is doing what he seems to love best, food shopping.  I always "love" to see what he will bring home.  Even with a list there will always be some surprises. Gotta love the man!

I have been working on several projects which are mostly surprises at this point.  Sorry I cannot show you much more than a peak.  Hopefully soon the projects will be done and can be viewed.

Some luscious fabrics from a new line of P & B Textiles, called "Soft Dreams".  I am really liking the colors in this group.  Very soft, light and dreamlike.  Just like the name!

Enjoy your day!  I fully intend to enjoy mine!

Louise, from the deck, enjoying the season on the island...