Sunday, December 18, 2016

More Snow and What Has Been Happening Around Here

More snow!? Yup!

And ice. This is from a few days ago but this is how it rolls in winter. Just wish I could be elsewhere watching it on the news and not living it!

But anyway, that is enough whining for now!

On the quilting side of life, we have some finishes as students try to wrap up their holiday gifts.

Roxanne's "Card Trick" wall hanging 

And a close up view.

Red and green scrap wreath - forgot whose it is, but it is lovely, don't you think?

Roxanne's two quilts for her granddaughters.

One of my works in progress which still needs an outside border. I am planning on using the navy blue used in the corner stones.

A sister's choice block quilt top. My last twelve blocks which had pink and purple triangle points.  My original plan was to make at least a twin sided quilt but I got really tired of making sister's choice blocks.

I have 49 with green triangle points tucked away somewhere and that might explain why I got tired of making this block.

But I recently decided that not very quilt I make needs to be a queen sized quilt!

A layer cake top ready to be webbed. I found this in the block stash the other day. I can't remember the pattern or what my inspiration was when I made it!

Today's finished top is another "Fat Quarter Quilt".  I need to find a backing and get it into the "to be quilted" pile. 

Last night I cut out the pieces for 20 more "garlic knots" to add to this group.  This block uses 2.5 inch strips. My goal is close to 100.

Tomorrow (unless I get sidetracked on to something else!) I will begin to see the rows and assemble this quilt top called "Lake to Lodge".

It uses a "cutie" collection that I bought from Tara Of Amelia's Garden of New York.
The pattern is from the Quilt Basket, LTD. of Pawling, New York.
The cutie collection consists of 16 fat eighths and was created to work with the many patterns that the Quilt Basket has developed.

Give me a few days and I will let you know how it works out. This is the first of their patterns I have actually made, even though I must have all of them tucked away in the to-do pile.

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be another cold day and my plan is to spend the day sewing. With the exception of a few phone calls, that should not take too long, there is nothing pressing for me to do.

Let's hope the day works out according to plan.

Louise, on the island planning tomorrow's sewing activities.

Monday, December 5, 2016

First Snow of the Season!

Well here it is - the first snow of the season.
Not a big snowfall, but big enough to cause accidents, news stories and plows with sanders.
Never mind that it will all be gone probably by five o'clock. It is the first snowfall of the 2016-17 winter season and everyone is in a tizzy!

But on the island we are sifting through projects, projects in bags, UFO's and PIGS!

We never need to go shopping again!

However, as a good citizen, who wants to see the economy grow, never fear that I will give up shopping!

I just will be more selective than I have been.

PIGS (projects in grocery sacks), or in my case recycled containers, tote bags, plastic bags and paper bags, just seem to continue to grow.

English paper piecing projects (that's right, plural!) in plastic storage containers and recycled take out containers, projects in tote bags and paper bags. Finally a knitting project in the plastic bag. 

I really won't live long enough! 

Three quilt bindings to apply,

Two bindings to sew,

Neutrals to cut,

Projects to sew!

So much to do, so little time, yet I sit here writing a blog post, contemplating the weather.

Isn't life grand!

Have a wonderful, if snowy Monday.  Make progress on your sewing, even if is to sort and catalogue the many things you have available to do.  But don't forget to sit at your sewing machine and try to get something done.  It will make you feel good on a snowy day!

Louise, on the island, sorting, cataloging and SEWING!!!