Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ahhh, September

We went through a few cool days this past week. I wore jeans for a few days. 
But summer seems to have returned now that the kids are back in school.

82 degrees Fahrenheit on September 5.  A few more days of summer seem to be left for us to enjoy!

And on to all things quilty....

A binding being completed...

"Sister's Choice" on the front.

Full view picture to come when the binding is finished.

The center of "Weed Whacker", a Bonnie Hunter pattern, was completed on Sunday.

This jelly roll sampler is now finished and hanging on the wall in the classroom.

The aquarium continues to grow.  Working on the yellow color way now.

"100 Blocks in 100 Days - City Sampler" is a top, only needing the outside borders.

Another thimble block is done.
I think I am going for twenty for the top.
I currently have seven with this one.

Windy afternoon on the deck
Enjoying the breeze and the warm temperatures.

Louise, on the deck, on the island, relishing the day.


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