Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Moving on Towards May

The months have a way of moving quickly when you are busy. I looked up today and it was already April 25. Can you believe it?!!!

Most of this month has gone by so quickly and now I am looking towards a new month. May! Wow!

But on to quilty things.

I have been trying to finish those almost completed quilts.

A border here...

A group of blocks that needed to be put together there..

A completed top that didn't look quite right until I added a second and third border.

A kit that has languished for several years, but one that only took three days to get it to finished top status! An early kit from Eva Paige Quilt Designs, as my friend Barbara pointed out to me, and one that has a 2006 copyright date on the pattern and on the selvedges of the main, floral print. Did I say several years? How about a decade plus one year! However, the top is now completed and out of the UFO stash.

First flowers from the beginning of April
Miniature daffodils

White and purple crocuses

Don't know if I posted these from the end of March.

A border finally on this top that was made in a class with Kimberly Einmo maybe five years ago at "The Gathering" in Manchester New Hampshire.

And finally the binding is complete on a flying geese quilt made from a Craftsy kit.
I will post a picture of the top in my next blog post. I couldn't find one in my picture file.

It has been a busy month in my quilting world.
I am pleased with my progress with my UFO stash.
Here's to hoping that the rest of April is just as productive as we move on to the month of May.

Louise, on the island looking towards May

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