Thursday, December 22, 2022

Planning for 2023 and Thinking

 The trouble with being home is that you have time to think.

Think about new projects.

Think about old projects.

Think about half finished projects.

And think about new projects again.

So before the year is over, I am planning for 2023 and doing lots of thinking.

New project for me - 

Part 4 of Bonnie Hunter’s Winter 2022 Mystery Quilt.  Parts 1, 2, and 3 are all cut and ready to be sewn when  I can safely sit at a sewing machine.  

Hopefully in the very near future!

Old projects to complete -( the ones with only a little to complete)

From a Laundry Basket Quilts pre cut kit.
Only a few more blocks to make in this “Alaska” quilt.

Some blocks that need to be changed to match the pattern.
Now to find the pattern!
It has been months since I worked on these blocks.

Step 3 - I was hoping to finish this by Veterans Day 2022.
We can see how well that timeline worked!
Maybe Veterans Day 2023 will be more like it!

Projects with LOTS to finish

Strips that have been sewn together and now need to be cut to be re-sewn together as 9 patches.

And new projects for the shop.

There are lots!

Here’s one….

I am hoping to run this Moda Charm Pack Challenge throughout the month of January 2023.
Stay tuned while I work out the details.
There might be prizes involved!

So, Today is a thinking day, while I continue to heal

Day 8 after surgery, and doing lots of thinking.

Louise, on the island, thinking and healing

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