Monday, June 12, 2023

It's a Snow Day but UPS still delivers!


It's a Snow Day but UPS still delivers!

Three Boxes came today while I was at home having a snow day!

It is wonderful to have an assistant who likes to drive in the snow!

Scroll down to see what came today.

Two boxes of Moda precuts and fat quarters bundles and see the box on the left?

That box is full of Hoffman Batik precuts - both fat quarter bundles, ten inch squares or “crackers” and “pops” or 2.5 inch strips.

The Moda boxes included fat quarter bundles of their newest batik collection, Mambo Batiks, as well as precuts from the Ruby Star Society and designer Melody Miller’s newest collection called “Curio”.  

AND by the way, I am back!

Surgery was three weeks ago and I am healing nicely.  

Not fast enough for me - but the team is happy with my progress.

It is nice to be back (except for today - I don't do snow yet!)

So I hope to see you soon!

Louise, on the island, NOT quilt binding on the deck today

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