Sunday, November 25, 2012

Working on "Easy Street"

Yes it is easy to piece 4 patches.  It is not easy to decide which grey, which whites or whatever else manages to show up and demands to be used to make those 4 patches.
So far I have 50 matched pairs of a one yard piece of grey that was just "lying" around waiting to be used matched with black and whites from my stash and my friend Mary's stash.  (She is making "Easy Street" also.)  There are enough strips to make the other 192 four patches that are needed in this step.

But that is the problem!  The directions call for 2 yards and, as DH says, I am probably going to need it somewhere else in another, later step.  So I will need additional grey yardage if that happens.

So into the stash we went.

We also managed to clear out two trash bags full of stuff from my craft room that will never be used again.  Things like dried up tubes of glitter paint, old clothes (nothing suitable for quilt making), and some old patterns for clothing that looked like someone snacked on them at one time.  I only hope the snacking took place in the last century in one of my former homes!

But eventually DH found this 3 yard piece of grey which matched the 4 yard piece of white with shimmering flowers printed on it that I had found last week.  And guess what, the second "Easy Street" quilt was born.
Now if I can only keep it to two "Easy Street" quilts!
You never know know easy the next steps will be!

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